Mango Compliance Software

Mango Compliance Software

Mango Compliance Software Solutions Australia

A QHSE Compliance Software Solution to Reduce Costs & Improve Business Performance.

QSM Group has partnered with Mango to offer our clients the most affordable and user friendly compliance software solution currently available.

Mango is an integrated software solution that makes compliance easy.

It can be used to control, administer and maintain all of an organisation’s compliance requirements and is ideally suited to either stand alone or integrated management systems involving:

Mango has been designed by industry compliance experts, specifically with QHSE in mind and automates many of the tools and inefficient processes normally associated with quality, health and safety and environmental management systems.
Mango has been specifically designed to integrate all of your QHSE compliance into one easy to maintain solution.
Mango makes it easy for your business to succeed in achieving QHSE compliance and certification.
You will receive ongoing support from Mango experts to assist your business in the integration and ongoing operation of your Mango solution.
Mango takes the stress out of your QHSE activities, allowing you to meet your compliance obligations with ease.

mango has produced a series of training videos on quality, health, safety, risk and environmental management.

Join thousands of businesses who meet their compliance obligations with ease using Mango.

Fill in your details and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss how Mango can be used to improve your business.
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Mango Compliance Software Solutions Australia