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What Is a Health and Safety Representative

A Health and Safety representative is an employee who has been chosen to represent the part of the organisation in health and safety concerns or topics.  Health and Safety representatives have a number of functions they can carry out, which comes with the power they have in this role.

Some of the tasks they have to carry out include:
  • Representing the matters related to the wider employees’ health and safety
  • Voicing ideas that could improve health and safety
  • Looking into complaints made by workers that relate to health and safety
  • Finding ways to mitigate risk
  • Reviewing and monitoring any changes that have been made to ensure they are effective
  • Giving feedback to the organisation on the changes
  • Pass important health and safety information onto others

In order to become a Health and Safety representative, you will often have to undergo specific training that ensures you comply with regulations to be the representative for your organisation.

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