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QSM Group is passionate about helping businesses to improve their food safety management policies and procedures. 

This page is all about helping you to learn food safety, no matter what skill level you are at. Check out the information, tools, resources, and articles below to develop your skills, learn quality management and improve QHSE within your organisation.

  • What is food safety?
  • What is a food safety plan?
  • Food Safety Principles
  • What is a food safety policy?
  • Codex Alimentarius
  • What is HACCP?
  • Food Safety Training
  • ISO 22000

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 is the internationally accepted standard for quality management.

ISO 22000 provides the requirements for a food safety management system and is a certifiable standard. ISO 22000 sets out what steps an organisation must take to demonstrate its ability to safely handle food.

Become compliant and certified to ISO 22000 with QSM Group. Contact us today.

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