Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 provides the requirements for a food management system and is a certifiable standard. ISO 22000 sets out what steps an organisation must take to demonstrate its ability to safely handle food.

QSM Group can assist your business with the implementation of an effective food safety management system.

What are the benefits for my business?

The key benefits that can be achieved by following the guidelines of ISO 22000 are:

  • Ensuring the consistent provision of safe food related products and services in accordance with regulatory requirements; and,
  • Enhanced risk management.
ISO 22000 Compliance and Certification can have many benefits for your business internally and externally; internally in terms of management processes and operations and externally in terms of brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Our QSM Resource Library has a range of Forms, Manuals, E-Books & policies and procedures available for your business to use in its QHSE & Compliance Management.

Does your business need to achieve ISO Compliance or Certification?

Get in touch with QSM Group today to see how we can help your business manage its compliance and improve performance.
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