Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

ISO 14001 sets out the requirements for an environmental management system. Having an effective environmental management system in place can allow businesses to identify, monitor, control and manage the environmental issues relevant to their operation.

The ISO 14001 requirements get organisations to look at all of the environmental aspects relevant to their operation, including:

  • Air pollution;
  • Waste management;
  • Climate change mitigation;
  • Water and sewage issues;
  • Soil contamination; and,
  • Resource use and efficiency.
As with many ISO standards, included in the ISO 14001 standard is a requirement for continual improvement of an organisation’s systems and approach to environmental concerns. This ensures that the organisation stays up to date with legislative changes and regulatory requirements, enabling them to keep their environmental management system and processes efficient and current.
The International Standard for Organisation (ISO) has published a helpful guide to assist you in understanding the requirements and benefits of the ISO 14001 standard. 

What are the benefits of using an environmental management system in your business?

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System QHSE Consulting
The key benefits of compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001 are:

  • Ensured compliance with current and future statutory and regulatory requirements;
  • Enhanced business and brand reputation; and,
  • Improved efficiencies and reduced costs;
  • Improved performance through effective use of resources and optimised waste reduction;
  • Increased opportunity to access new business partners and clients; and,
  • Preparedness for the ever-evolving business landscape.
Not only does implementing an effective environmental management system benefit your business, it also contributes to a much needed shift in the way that business operations impact our planet.

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Our QSM Resource Library has a range of Forms, Manuals, E-Books & policies and procedures available for your business to use in its QHSE & Compliance Management.

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