Recognising the OHS Body of Knowledge

Many OH&S professionals will find value in checking out the OH&S Body of Knowledge, an excellent and credible resource for OHS folk who are serious about understanding workplace safety and how to improve the performance of their organisation.

AOHSEAB Accredits ECU Course Incorporating OHS with Environmental Health

ECU has highlighted the importance of integrating OH&S into all areas of an organisation, receiving certification from the Australian OH&S Education Accreditation Board for an innovative new course integrating OH&S with Environmental Science.

ISO 45003: World’s First International Standard for Mental Health in the Workplace

The ISO is committed to ensuring that their standards are in line with the needs of a rapidly changing society. Their newest standard, ISO 45003, is the world’s first international standard offering guidance to organisations on dealing with mental health in the workplace.

Mango Live Discussions: What Things Should QHSE Managers Know About People?

In this article we cover a recent video by Mango Live covering 5 things that a QHSE should know about people. With rapid change in so many areas of our lives, constantly, QHSE managers are tasked with keeping up to date as to the things that people are doing, thinking, feeling and wanting.

Business Intelligence and Integration with IMS Software Solutions

In this article, we talk about integrated management system software (IMS software) solutions, taking a look at the key features and benefits of an effective IMS software.

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