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Compliance Management Solutions

QSM Group are a leading professional services business. We specialize in developing and implementing compliance management solutions.

Our team have been helping organisations successfully implement value-adding compliance solutions since 1992. All of our consultants have years of experience in our areas of expertise.

Our experienced team will work closely with your business to improve and optimize performance.

We implement integrated management systems, tailored to suit your needs. Our solutions are cost effective and comply with the relevant ISO requirements.

QSM Group have a comprehensive and diverse knowledge of business. As a result we understand the need to achieve balance between compliance management and achieving commercial goals.

We’ve implemented hundred’s of successful, value-adding compliance systems and have a 100% track record of clients getting certified to their chosen ISO Standards on their first attempt.

Above all, we help clients to find unforeseen value in their management systems and training initiatives.

We are Mango Live Partners. Mango is an all-in-one compliance solution. It controls and maintains all aspects of an organisation’s QHSE needs.

QSM Group pride ourselves on our ability to truly help our clients. We achieve results. We can help train and empower your staff, or take on the role of System Manager on your behalf, or a combination of both.

So, get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business with its compliance management solutions.

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Managing Business Continuity and QHSE Compliance Throughout Covid 19

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Using Mango To Integrate Your Management Systems

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