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StaySafe Lone Worker Protection Software and App

10 Reasons to Choose StaySafe’s Lone Worker Solution

When introducing a new product to the workplace, it’s crucial to offer something quick, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into the daily routine. StaySafe has been designed with these needs in mind, resulting in an app that is incredibly visual and user-friendly.

By utilising employees’ existing smartphones, StaySafe ensures constant availability without the need for additional devices. This convenience reduces user resistance, as employees don’t have to remember to charge or carry separate equipment. Discover the top 10 reasons why StaySafe is the ideal solution for lone worker safety.

  1. Comprehensive Service Provision
    StaySafe offers more than just a duress alarm. QSM Group and StaySafe partner with you to provide a tailored lone worker safety solution. The app and hub are highly flexible, allowing customisation to fit your unique risk profiles and organisational structure. From personalised online demos to user onboarding and ongoing support, we are with you every step of the way.
  2. Utilises Existing Smartphones
    StaySafe is available on your employees’ smartphones, eliminating the need for additional devices. This ensures they always have protection without needing to remember to charge or pack extra equipment. Most lone workers are already familiar with using apps, making StaySafe easy to integrate into their daily routines.
  3. High Employee Engagement
    Designed with user experience in mind, the StaySafe app is visual and easy to use. In-app training ensures that users are quickly up and running, with checking in becoming second nature.
  4. Universal Suitability
    StaySafe is a flexible and scalable solution suitable for organisations of any size and industry. The solution can be rolled out 100% remotely, with optional add-ons like wearable technology and satellite devices for additional flexibility.
  5. Employee Privacy Protection
    Employees control when their location is visible. Their location is shared only during active sessions in the app, such as periods of lone work or travel. Session history is recorded in the hub, allowing you to monitor app usage and view session data.
  6. Multiple Monitoring Options
    Choose between in-house monitoring of staff locations and alerts or outsource to one of our specialist 24/7 monitoring partners. You can even combine the two for a customised service.
  7. Cost-Effective
    With no need for additional equipment, StaySafe is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated devices and panic alarms. You can be up and running in as little as 24 hours.
  8. Suitable for Remote and Low Signal Areas
    StaySafe offers 16% more coverage than other lone worker apps through its low signal mode, seamlessly switching between available connections for optimal connectivity. For extremely remote areas, StaySafe is compatible with various satellite devices.
  9. Compliance with Legal Requirements
    StaySafe helps you meet your duty of care to staff and comply with WHS legislation for lone workers. Adhering to health and safety legislation prevents serious consequences, such as fines, reputational damage, and, in severe cases, imprisonment.
  10. Industry Accreditation
    StaySafe is BS8484* accredited, ensuring a high-quality solution that meets stringent safety standards. We are also accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus from the National Cyber Security Centre, so you can be confident your data is secure.

*Full Lone Worker Device (LWD) accreditation (Part 5) is limited to certain v. 4.0 operating system and above android smartphones when monitoring is provided by a BS 5979 accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Try StaySafe for Your Organisation

Regardless of whether you currently manage your lone workers in-house or have an existing solution, StaySafe can help you manage them more effectively.

Click here to learn more about StaySafe and to request a demo.

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