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Australia’s National Safe Work Month

Preliminary data shows that last year in Australia around 163 people died whilst doing their job. This serves as a reminder that workplace health and safety is an ongoing and continuous process that needs constant monitoring and improvement.

Join National Safe Work Month This October

Safe Work Month is a National initiative that has been going on since 2009. Each year, throughout October, Safe Work Month promotes and supports safer workplaces, raising awareness of workplace health and safety. 

Businesses around Australia are invited to register and join Safe Work Month, attend the free events and access a world of on-demand resources highlighting ways to create and maintain healthy workplaces.

This year, over 4 weeks in October, Safe Work Month is covering four key themes.

  1. Injuries at Work
  2. Mental Health
  3. Managing Workplace Health and Safety Risks and Preventing Harm
  4. Safe and Healthy Work for All

The primary message:

“Workplace Health and Safety: Think Physical, Think Psychological”

A particularly relevant message for those in Western Australia where new workplace health and safety legislation has recently come into force.

National Safe Work Month Resources

When you register to join Australia’s National Safe Work month, you’ll be given access to the below-pictured resources in this year’s campaign kit.

National Safe Work Month 2022 Campaign Kit

National Safe Work Month is run by Safe Work Australia, an Australian government statutory agency that develops national policy to improve work health and safety (WHS) and workers’ compensation arrangements.

Their website contains an abundance of resources to help Australian organisations promote healthy workplaces.

Free Workplace Safety Inspection

Your organisation can use Safe Work Month as an opportunity to take advantage of a free workplace safety inspection with QSM Group.

At no cost, a qualified safety consultant will attend your workplace to carry out a 1-hour health and safety inspection, providing you with a summary of the findings report.

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