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Optimise Workplace Health and Safety in 2022

What is Health and Safety in the Workplace?

Health and Safety in a workplace refer to the efforts your organisation makes to ensure all your employees are as safe and healthy as possible. The efforts made to ensure your workplace is healthy and safe may vary depending on what industry the organisation falls in, and what country they are operating from.

Optimise Workplace Health and Safety

Here are 6 tips from QSM Group to help optimise workplace health and safety within your organisation.

  1. Employee and Stakeholder Buy In
    One of the key ways that you can help ensure a successful workplace health and safety strategy is to make sure you have buy-in and understanding from your employees and key stakeholders. Having everyone on the same page and aware of your policies and procedures is essentially the most important aspect of workplace health and safety.
  2. Continuous Review Improvement
    Like everything, your workplace health and safety policies and systems need constant reviewing to identify areas for improvement.
  3. Updating Hazard and Risk Registers
    Keeping hazard and risk registers up to date via a reportable, insightful, and intuitive source of truth helps to ensure streamlined and optimised workplace health and safety.
  4. Ensuring Processes are in Place
    Make sure that you have processes in place to receive and consider information regarding risks within your organisation.
  5. Review Personnel
    You should regularly review the personnel dedicated to workplace health and safety within your organisation to ensure that they are certified and sufficient as per the governing law and relevant legislation.
  6. Be Proactive
    You should be proactive and take proactive steps to ensure suitable work safe systems, resources, policies, and procedures are in place, all working well together to ensure compliance with governing law and relevant legislation.

Workplace Health and Safety Legislation

Most countries around the globe have some sort of legislation governing the requirements that organisations must satisfy around workplace health and safety.

With the recent introduction of new health and safety legislation, there has never been a more critical time for businesses in Western Australia to look at reviewing and optimising their workplace health and safety policies and procedures.

Western Australia Workplace Health and Safety Act 2020 Blog Header Workplace Health and Safety Laws-01
Work Health and Safety Act 2020 Western Australia

Learn Workplace Health and Safety

QSM Group is passionate about helping businesses to improve their health and safety policies and procedures. 

Our Learn Health and Safety resource library will help you to learn health and safety, no matter what skill level you are at. Check out the information, tools, resources, and articles below to develop your skills, learn health and safety and improve QHSE within your organisation.

WorkSafe WA also has some extremely helpful resources for managing workplace health and safety.

QSM Group QHSE Consulting Services

QSM Group specializes in QHSE consulting, compliance auditing and training, integrated management systems, and compliance software solutions. 

Contact us today to see how we can help take your organization to the next level with improved and integrated management systems and optimised workplace health and safety.

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