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Why Customers Love Mango Compliance Management Software

Mango Compliance Management Software

In this video, Mango asked a few clients whether they would recommend Mango to other businesses in their industry and this is what they said.

Check out the video here:

Video Transcription
Clients Recommend Mango

Ben Homan, General Manager, Richmond Glass

I suppose I would really recommend Mango to anyone as a user of a business that has a number of different roles and aspects.

The challenge for us is to remain constant with all the technology that’s changing around and Mango allows us to do that, so I would recommend it to anyone who wants to future-proof their business.

Julia Good, Quality Coordinator, Marlborough Vintners

I would highly recommend Mango as a solution. Definitely.

Its ability to hold information, to find information, and to pull all aspects of compliance together is immense.

Ian Prosser, Systems Manager, MJB Industries member of The Hovey Group

Yeah, definitely,

I think it’s my job a bit easier too. Not having to manage so much paperwork.

It has certainly streamlined a lot of the business and the feedback from people using it is really positive.

Mark Cowcher, QHSE Manager, Bachy Soletanche, Australia

I’d certainly recommend Mango to companies looking to start their IMS [integrated management system] and those that are already running an IMS, that’s a very paper-based system.

This will improve your efficiency in the company and decrease your operating costs.

Michael Bialous, QA Compliance Manager, Alaron Products

I’ll definitely recommend Mango to other businesses.

It’s a great solution and also it is easy to use and easy to be implemented.

Shawn Suresh, QHSE Manager, March Construction

Definitely, for a company to run efficiently a system needs to be in place to simplify the process and the procedure.

Mango excels in this.

Karren Johnson, Administration Manager, Millennium Electrical

Yeah, absolutely. It’s got a modern look and feel to it, which is really appealing.

Steve Cowan, Health and Safety Manager, Techlam NZ

Mango is probably one of the best things I’ve done as a business.

I’ll definitely recommend it to any small or large business.

It’s very flexible, and we find it ideal.

James Houston-McMillan, Global QHSE Manager, RigNet

Yes, hands down, it’s certainly the best management software I’ve ever used.

What I would say is to anyone looking for an effective and efficient tool to manage your quality, health, safety, and environmental management system, is to have a look at manga and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Michael Moore, QHS & Compliance Manager, PEP Express Transport System

Yeah, without a doubt.

It’s one of the easiest user-friendly products that I’ve ever used for safety, so yes, I would.

Joe Carriera, General Manager, Beaver Tree Services

Oh, absolutely and I have.

I’ve recommended this software product to a lot of people around the place.

I will say that if you’ve got a business and have activities managed on a long-term basis and they need to be crucial to your business, you can get Mango in there and it works, and it works very effectively.

Craig Dodds-Bonelli, Compliance Manager, Argosy

To be completely honest, if anybody was looking for a user-friendly, efficient software package Manga has got to be the one to go to.

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