Pieces of a Puzzle - Building an Integrated Management System

Building An Integrated Management System

Building An Integrated Management System

In this article, we look at building an integrated management system and share with you some key resources to help you get started building yours.

What Is An Integrated Management System?

Before we start looking at building your integrated management system, let’s look at what exactly an integrated management system is.

An integrated management system is a centralised management system that defines day-to-day operations and satisfies compliance, organisational and key stakeholder requirements. It can provide extensive benefits to an organisation, including:

  • Improving business performance;
  • Effectively managing risks;
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction;
  • Maintaining a safe work environment;
  • Exceeding compliance obligations; and,
  • Minimising the environmental impact.

ISO: A Good Place to Start When Building Your Integrated Management System

ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organisation representing the National Standard Institutes of over 150 countries. They develop and publish international standards in response to the needs of the international market and global expert opinions.

Four of the most common ISO standards for certification within Australia are:

ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems;
ISO 45001 – Safety Management Systems;
ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems; and,
ISO 27001 – Information Security.

Each of these standards contains the framework for a successful integrated management system, even if you do not require actual certification.

Learn more about ISO compliance and certification here.

Building An Integrated Management System: A Checklist

1. Management Commitment

It is well researched that management commitment is a key component of any successful management system. The Workplace Health and Safety Act specifically requires due diligence which requires management to make a decent commitment to the health and safety of their organisation. Management commitment is also required by ISO standards – ISO 9001 Clause 5.1, ISO 14001 Clause 5.1, and ISO 45001 Clause 5.1.

Above all, senior management needs to understand their influence on the success of any management system

2. Planning

  • Gap Analysis (use ISO 9001, 45001, and 14001 for guidance, even if you don’t require certification) to identify strengths and weaknesses of existing management systems and requirements of the new system.
  • Management Review Meeting (regularly)
  • IMS Action Plan

3. Resources and Support

  • Meetings (Management and Operational)
    • Management review is a critical part of any integrated management system and should be held every 3-6 months.
    • Team meetings should also be held regularly, these can be regional, departmental, and operational.
  • Meetings should be relevant, have a clear agenda, be kept on track, and have clear outcomes with assigned actions and due date

4. Training

Ongoing training is critical to ensure staff understanding and competence of your core business processes and management system requirements. HR’s role is important in gathering feedback and optimising the employee experience, as well as in ensuring compliance and performance.

5. Operational Control

  • Risk Management
  • Product/Service Control
  • Incident Management
  • Procurement and Contractor Management

6. Audit and Inspections

An integrated management system needs a way of being checked, both internally and externally. Audits and inspections ensure the ongoing compliance and efficacy of your systems.

7. Improvements (Corrective Actions, Non-Conformities, etc)

When building an integrated management system, the final key thing to consider is a system for continuous improvement. Investigating risks and implementing corrective actions, or addressing non-conformities, are examples of the ongoing improvements that need to be made to a successful integrated management system.

Building An Integrated Management System: The Process

Check out the below flowchart for an overview of the integrated management system development process.

Integrated Management System Development Workflow

Building An Integrated Management System: Tools and Resources

Below are links to some resources that you may find useful if you’re building an integrated management system for your organisation.

Integrated Management System Manual
An integrated management system is a unified system that integrates all of a businesses policies, processes and procedures into one. Download our integrated management system manual template today.

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When it comes to creating and implementing a management system into your organisation, things can quickly become overwhelming. In this article we look at the benefits associated with outsourcing your management system development.

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Business Intelligence and Integration with IMS Software Solutions
In this article, we talk about integrated management system software (IMS software) solutions, taking a look at the key features and benefits of an effective IMS software.

How To Use Mango To Integrate Your Management Systems
Mango live is an all-in-one integrated management system software solution.

Flowcharts And Integrated Management Systems
Flowcharts are a useful tool that can help you to identify and assess any problems in your management system.

Annex SL And Management System Standards
Annex SL is the standard that defines the new high-level structure that is required for all ISO management system standards. It replaces the ISO Guide 83 and expands on the structure that was already established. In this article, we look at the structure outlined in Annex SL as well as how it eases the integration of management systems.

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