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Compliance Development with the Local Capability Fund Western Australia

Recently Announced – West Australian Businesses To Benefit From Local Capability Fund For Compliance Development And Certification To Industry Standards

Compliance Development For Your Organisation

With the Local Capability Fund for Western Australia

Some great news for Western Australian businesses…
The Western Australian Government has recently announced 3 new rounds of the Local Capability Fund (LCF) to assist local businesses, including one to assist organisations with their compliance development.
The purpose of the LCF is to assist small and medium enterprises (SME’s) to increase their capacity and competitiveness as suppliers of products, services and works to major projects and other markets.
The LCF typically provides funding assistance for activities such as planning, improvements to internal infrastructure, plant and equipment and training.
One of the new rounds includes National and International Standards. The objective of the National and International Standards Compliance Round is to assist Western Australian SMEs with the costs of engaging external expertise to carry out the implementation and third-party certification of national and international standards. 
The level of funding support under the National and International Standards Compliance Round of the LCF is 75% of eligible costs up to a maximum of $20,000 (excluding GST) per successful applicant for compliance development.
The round closes on 31 January 2022.
For further information and for how to apply, see the WA Industry Link Website.
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ISO Compliance and Certification

ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organisation representing the National Standard Institutes of over 150 countries. They develop and publish international standards in response to the needs of the international market and global expert opinions.

Adopting ISO Compliance principles, with or without certification, can enhance your business’s productivity and performance tenfold.

Centralising your QHSE and compliance management, and making sure that your staff understand its purpose and functionality, aligns your organisation and gets everyone working together to ensure that a quality product or service is delivered in a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly manner.

In Australia, the standards that are most common for certification are:

How to Get ISO Certified?

There are two steps to certification. The first is reviewing and optimising your business processes and systems so that they meet compliance standards. The second, an external audit.

There are compliance standards for several different aspects of a business’s operations. Quality management, food safety, risk management, information security and more. To read in detail about the common ISO Compliance standards used in Australia, click here.

QSM Group has many years of experience assisting WA businesses with their ISO compliance management and certification requirements. Through ISO certification, our clients ensure that products and services are of high quality. Certification also showcases the credibility of our clients’ businesses to consumers. 

Compliance Management Software

A compliance management software solution can streamline your QHSE and risk management, and help centralise your compliance processes into a centralised integrated management system.

Get in touch with QSM Group today to discuss your compliance software requirements. We are partnered with industry-leading compliance software solutions provider, Mango Live. The Mango software has streamlined compliance and risk management for many organisations around the globe.

Compliance Development, Recently Announced – West Australian Businesses To Benefit From Local Capability Fund For Compliance Development And Certification To Industry Standards
Streamlined Compliance Management

Mango QHSE Software makes ISO compliance and certification easier than ever. Hear from Joe, General Manager of Beaver Tree Services, about how Mango QHSE Software revolutionised their business, saving them time, money, and resources, and making sure they never miss anything important.

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