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Excellent Customer Service

Setting the Standard for Excellence in Customer Service

New ISO Standard

ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) is an independent, non-governmental organization representing the National Standard Institutes of over 150 countries. They develop and publish international standards in response to the needs of the international market and global expert opinions.

ISO 23592: Service Excellence – Principles and Model

The new ISO standard 23592 outlines the principles and models for achieving excellence in customer service. The standard has been designed to complement another new ISO standard, ISO/TS 24082, outlining the technical specification for designing excellent service to achieve outstanding customer experiences.

Going Beyond the Expected

Cansu Tumay, Manager of the ISO committee that developed the standard, stated that whilst many organisations may believe that they are customer-focused, the reality may be that they fail to see how truly comprehensive that focus is.

Tumay explained that, in today’s competitive marketplace, those organisations that go above and beyond what they think that customers expect will thrive.

The new ISO standard takes quality control to a new level, offering guidance on implementing and maintaining a level of customer service above and beyond what is generally expected.

Graphic Showing 5 Steps to Excellent Customer Service

QSM Group’s experienced QHSE Consultants have helped clients in all different industries to enhance the quality of their service.

Our strategic approach to assessing, designing, implementing, and maintaining your integrated management systems, provides a solid framework for operational success and excellence in customer service.

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Certifiable ISO Standards

In Australia, the standards that are most common for certification are:

Through quality processes, ISO-certified organizations are able to constantly monitor and improve their well-documented and structured processes. These organizations lead the way in terms of quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Each ISO standard has different specific benefits, and together they work to provide a solid and streamlined foundation for a successful organization. ISO-certified businesses tend to have better customer retention and satisfaction, lower staff turnover, and consistent quality outcomes.

An ISO-certified management system can also help to reduce costs, increase market share and gain access to new markets.

4 Steps to Achieving ISO Certification
4 Steps to Achieving ISO Certification with QSM Group

4 Steps to ISO

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Our experienced consultants work with you to develop, implement and monitor your management systems. We can also assist with achieving certification to any desired certifiable ISO standards.

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