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Business Transformation with QHSE Software

A Case Study on Gecko Contracting and Their Experience with Mango QHSE Software

Business Transformation with QHSE Software

One of QSM Group‘s valued clients, Gecko Contracting, was kind enough to provide feedback on their experience with the Mango Live QHSE software.

Like many areas of business, your QHSE and compliance management processes can be streamlined and partly automated through new technology and innovative software solutions.

A Mango Live Case Study

ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems, and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management are three standards that can be managed with Mango Live’s QHSE software.

Click the button above to watch the video or read on to see how Gecko Contracting feels about their experience using Mango’s QHSE software to manage their QHSE processes to fulfill the ISO compliance requirements for these three standards. 

Gecko Contracting: A Case Study on the Benefits of Mango’s QHSE Software

Before Mango, Gecko used a system of word documents and excel spreadsheets to manage and meet their QHSE compliance responsibilities. When they decided to achieve triple certification to ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001, they knew they would need software such as Mango to support them.

The team at Gecko was beyond satisfied with the Mango software. It truly gave them an all-in-one integrated management system that manages and even automates some of their QHSE and compliance processes.

Gecko was pleased with the support that they received from QSM Group and from Mango Live, including the initial onboarding and training that was carried out, through to the online videos that are accessible any time.

When asked whether they would recommend the solution to others, Gecko said they would definitely.

The three best things about Mango software, according to Gecko, are:

  1. The Mango software is easy to use;
  2. Mango is a cost-effective  solution; and,
  3. Overall, implementing Mango has been beneficial to the business and has enabled the achievement and maintenance of triple ISO certification.

Many thanks to the team at Gecko Consulting for the positive feedback. We look forward to continuing to support you with your QHSE and compliance management.

Why Consider Mango for Your Business?
  • The Mango software has been designed to integrate all of your QHSE compliance management into one, easy-to-use, sophisticated management system.
  • Using Mango within your business means that you will be successful in achieving QHSE compliance. Mango’s intelligent software enables your business to easily achieve and maintain compliance and certification to various ISO standards.
  • QSM Group provides ongoing support to you after the onboarding, implementation, and training phases so you can be sure to always have a qualified QHSE professional there for you.
  • Mango’s user-friendly design makes managing and monitoring your QHSE compliance activities more streamlined, centralized, automated, and enjoyable.

Click here to learn more about Mango compliance software and get in touch to discuss using Mango software within your organization.

QHSE Software Solution Specialists

QSM Group specializes in QHSE software solution development and implementation. We are also able to assist with ISO Compliance and Certification, QHSE Consulting, and Auditing.

Contact us to see how we can help your business with its QHSE software, compliance, and integrated management system needs.

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