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Reviewing Training Courses and Materials

Training Course and Material Review

Reviewing Your Training Course Resources

It is important to regularly review your organization’s onboarding, and training courses and materials so that you can measure their effectiveness and continuously improve them.

Things are constantly changing which means it is important to ensure that your training resources are up to date and educating your staff with current knowledge, technical skills, and industry changes.

Regularly reviewing and improving your training courses and materials will help your organization remain compliant and will help you to maintain engaging training courses with increased employee participation and uptake.

How to Review Your Training Materials?

When reviewing your organization’s training courses and materials you should consider the effectiveness of the training from the perspective of:

  • The employee being trained;
  • The company; and,
  • The trainer.

Some steps to take in your review process are:

  1. An analysis of the quality and effectiveness of the training from the above perspectives;
  2. An analysis of the structure, content, and delivery;
  3. Collection of feedback from employees who have been through the training; and,
  4. An analysis of how well the training translates to on the job application.

An effective review process will support the identification of areas that can be optimized and help the organization to continuously improve its training courses and materials.

Review and Continuously Improve

Free Review Template

Our partners at Mango Live, creators of Mango Compliance Software, recently published a blog on reviewing training courses and materials. You can find the original blog here.

From their list of considerations throughout the review process, we have created a checklist for you to download below and use within your organization to review and improve your training courses and materials. 

External Training Providers

Some businesses prefer to outsource the development and running of their training courses and materials to an external consultant specializing in QHSE Training. 

QSM Group provides quality and value-adding QSM Training services. We offer an extensive range of QSM training courses throughout Australia in:

  • Management Systems;
  • Work Health and Safety;
  • Quality Management;
  • Auditing; and,
  • Leadership and Management.

Training can also be conducted at client premises anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Contact us today to see how we can assist with your organization’s training requirements.

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