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ISO Accreditations: Insights From 2020 Research

ISO Accreditations: Insights & Key Findings From 2020 Research

Throughout July and August, our partners at Mango Live collected survey responses from over 100 organizations about the value they get from their ISO accreditations and ISO compliance systems.

The organizations surveyed were certified to one or more of the following international management system standards:

Key Insights From 2020 Survey Data

In this article, we discuss the 6 key insights, outlined below, that were drawn from the survey data.

  • There has been a decrease in manual-based management systems, presumably as companies move towards SaaS-based management systems.
  • There has been a decrease in satisfaction from being ISO certified.
  • There has been a decrease in senior management commitment to meeting ISO standards.
  • There has been a decrease in employee commitment to ISO standards.
  • There has been a decrease in satisfaction with the performance of external auditors.
  • There has been a shift in the main reason for gaining ISO certification, with businesses indicating that meeting customer requirements is now the primary driver towards gaining ISO certification.

Let’s discuss each of these a little further to better understand why we are seeing these changes.

Move Towards SaaS-Based Management Systems

With technology continuously evolving, this is something that QHSE compliance professionals have been anticipating to see for a while.

The below survey data shows that from 2019 to 2020 the number of businesses using a manual or paper-based management system has decreased significantly (from 50% to 32%). On the other hand, the number of businesses using a Cloud/SaaS or in-house developed digital management system has increased.

ISO Insights Report 2020 Key Insights 1/6
Source: Mango Live, ISO Insights Report 2020

The reason for this move towards Cloud/SaaS or in-house developed digital management systems is simple, these solutions can save you time, save you money, and increase efficiency and productivity.

Having a digital management system in place means that your processes can be streamlined and automated (where possible). This allows your management team to spend less time on compliance activities like updating policies and spreadsheets, and more time on proactive activities and business improvement.

Mango Live is an all-in-one QHSE management system that integrates all of your management processes into one easy to use solution. Mango can be used to control all aspects of an organization’s QHSE compliance requirements. Contact us to arrange an obligation free demo.

Decreased Satisfaction With ISO Certification

The survey data showed a decrease in satisfaction with being ISO certified. This could be explained by the current economic conditions around the world and businesses having to risk manage their way through a global pandemic. 

ISO Insight 2 Data
Source: Mango Live, ISO Insights Report 2020

Some businesses that have ISO accreditations may not have realized the true value that ISO compliance and certification can offer. 

A QHSE consultant can assist a business in setting up their ISO management systems so that they enhance efficiency and productivity. 

Decreased Management Commitment

The survey results showed a decrease in how committed businesses senior management are to its certified management systems. 

ISO Accreditations, ISO Accreditations: Insights From 2020 Research
Source: Mango Live, ISO Insights Report 2020

This is concerning as it has been proven time and time again that the leaders within a business set the scene for how teams will behave. For a certified organization to effectively manage its QHSE and compliance requirements, it is critical that the senior management are committed to and invested in its management systems.

Decreased Employee Commitment

It makes sense then that the survey results also showed a decrease in employee commitment to ISO standards from 2019 to 2020. 

ISO Research Report Insight 4
Source: Mango Live, ISO Insights Report 2020

This really highlights the importance of senior leaders being committed to an organization’s ISO compliance systems. If your managers are not committed, your employees are not committed and no one within your business is realizing the true value in your ISO accreditations and integrated management system.

Decreased Satisfaction with External Auditors

The results showed a drop in satisfaction with external auditors. This shows how critical it is to utilize a QHSE auditor who is thorough, analytical, and logical. A good QHSE auditor will add value to your business throughout the auditing process.

A shift in the Primary Reason for Certification

The final insight that was drawn from the survey results was that there has been a change in the primary reason that drives businesses to achieve ISO certification.

ISO Research Report 2020 Insight 6
Source: Mango Live, ISO Insights Report 2020

From 2019 to 2020 you can see that when asked about the main reason for being ISO certified, the number of businesses selecting ‘meet customer requirements’ has gone up. On the other hand, the number of businesses maintaining ISO certification to improve their business has gone down.

This suggests that organizations are more concerned with securing work because the client requires them to be ISO certified.

This shift could be explained by the challenges associated with Covid-19 and businesses being more concerned about having customers and staying open as opposed to improving.

It is important not to ignore business improvement and only focus on income and expenses. Whilst in the short run this may help you to stay in business, in the long run, you run the risk of being left behind as your competitors have been continuously improving and evolving.

Download the Report

Click here to download the full ISO Insights Report 2020 from Mango Live.

ISO Certification & Compliance Specialists

QSM Group has been helping businesses achieve ISO certification and implement ISO compliance standards for years. Time and time again we have helped our clients to realize the full value of ISO compliance and integrating their management systems. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

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