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Effective Risk Management

Risk management is identifying, evaluating and controlling any current or potential threats to a business’ operation. Effective risk management can prevent an organisation’s exposure to loss, damage or legal threats.

Having a solid risk management plan is the foundation for effective risk management.

A basic risk management plan looks something like this:

Analyse the operations of the business in all areas to identify risks

Evaluate how the business is going to address these risks. This often ends up being a process of balancing the chances of a risk occurring with the potential consequences. For example, a business may decide that one of the activities they are undertaking, whilst profitable, exposes the business to too many potential legal issues to warrant its continuation.

Address the risks. Assess the existing control measures that are in place to manage the risks and decide whether they are adequate. Consider introducing additional control measures where necessary.

Repeat steps one to three above on a regular basis. It is important to regularly reassess the business’ position in terms of exposure to any threats. A business should revisit and review the processes that have been implemented for risk management to ensure that they continue to limit exposure to any threats as much as possible.

Implementing and effecting a solid risk management plan allows your business to operate optimally and with little disruption from external factors.

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