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ISO Compliance Insights Report 2019

The ISO Insights Report 2019 is a report released by Mango. It contains the results of surveying 242 organisations worldwide on the value that they have gotten from having ISO certification within their business.

The surveyed businesses are certified to one or more of the following international management standards:

According to the 242 surveyed companies, there are six lessons that will help you to improve your business systems and easily maintain compliance and certification to ISO management standards. We have summarised these below for you.

  • Stop focusing on compliance and instead focus on improvements

Time is precious and should be spent wisely and in the most effective way. Spending more time on improvements will increase satisfaction with being certified.

  • Spending time on making improvements magically reduces the time required for compliance activities

The more improvements that are made to your business, the less need there is for compliance activities. This is because, by making improvements to your business, you will naturally find ways to reduce waste involved with compliance.

  • Committed leadership increases satisfaction with certification

It is accepted and evidenced that an organisations management systems will be more effective and successful if there is commitment from leaders at all levels within the business. The survey results show that satisfaction with certification increases with committed leadership.

  • Committed leadership results in increased participation

The survey also found that committed leadership at all levels within an organisation results in increased employee participation in the management systems. Having everybody working together and with a clear understanding of business’s overall objectives allows for optimal, enhanced compliance with standards, regulations and laws.

  • Reasons for getting certified can be different to reasons for maintaining certification

The survey found that for most businesses the main driving force behind initially acquiring certification was customer perception. However, once a business is certified the main reason to maintain certification is the overall improvement to the business processes.

  • Employee participation drops with larger businesses

Lastly the survey found that as a business increases in size, employees become less engaged with and participate less in your systems. To ensure optimal business performance and adherence to compliance processes, you need to implement strategies to prevent employee participation from dropping in your business as it grows in size.

If you would like to download a full copy of the ISO Insights Report 2019, click here.

QSM Group has worked with many businesses around Australia, helping them implement ISO Compliance Standards throughout their company and achieve ISO Certification. We have never had a business not achieve their desired accreditation. You can read some of our success stories here or watch case studies on QSM Group clients here.

If you are ready to optimise your business and implement ISO Compliance principles or achieve ISO Certification, contact us today to see how we can help.

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